Tuesday, December 28, 2004


well, as a well-known and famous p2p (peer-to-peer) software, an open-source program, and have more than 10 redistribution, BitTorrent is now a must-have software for internet junkies all over the world.
I've tried and used this software, since it's early existance, and well, i could say its powerful (tapi ada problem first, fixed) , and the method of downloading doesnt seem to be different as ed2k (eDonkey, eMule) are using, by download chunk by chunk until complete.
For those who doesnt know and never try BT (bittorrent), well, get it before it gets u.
Since it's release(BT) , www.suprnova.org has been like twin, or close friend and always get along with the bt itself. supnova is a site where people all over the w0rld gather their .torrent (dot-torrent) file, its kinda like universal torrent source, as it claim itself. (heh)
but now, it CLOSED MAN!!! , many people are freaking out of it, well , they shouldn't, as i mentioned before, it is a place where they gather .torrent file, not really working as a tracker (see BT for more info). so, you guys should know what's your favourite tracker site by now, like www.btefnet.net, (BT distribition of EFnet IRC server, #BT) .
dont worry, here are few links to get your favourite torrent file, www.btefnet.net , www.bi-torrent.com , www.torrentspy.com

; condolence to family and friends of sumatran earthquake that caused the asian tsunamis. 13'000 people dead. ) :

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