Saturday, June 18, 2005

love lost in a hail of gunfire

oh my,
its been very long period since i blogged here,
that is web log. hmm so much things happened, i cant even remember all.
well, the long break of MMU was just finished, tapi tak puas btui. rasa mcm nak lagi sebulan or dua bulan lagi.
and now, back in mmu, but not hostel anymore, i now live in sri kembangan, bandar putra permai, yg best dan murah tapi takda internet, dammit.
entahlah, telekom kata dalam mid august baru masuk.
there's not much time left for me to blog here, im at Taman Desa, my brother just called me.

hmm, i cant believe what just happened it past few days. really.
well, what to do , really need to calm down, and not to stay down . sedih nya. tapi takpalah, redha ajalah. even though it took me about 2 years, and few days to lose.
whatever it is, life must go on, i dont wanna think about it, what i know, im really hurt , really . dah lama tak rasa like this since...i dont know.

nevermind, friends are more important. this is not about friendship, and not about love.
you're a good friend of my.

- love lost in a hail of gunfire.