Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Non-Regional Hardcore Community -NRHC Posted by Picasa

fuh Posted by Picasa

azim taking the mic for the last song. Posted by Picasa

yeah aku lagi Posted by Picasa

lawa gambaq ni serius, congrat jai ! Posted by Picasa

emjoe drummber incarnation Posted by Picasa

moshpit kickboxer's dia ni memang jahat Posted by Picasa

sharil jepun dan juga crowd dari seremban Posted by Picasa

misbah bassist incarnation Posted by Picasa

zakkwylde's emg sound Posted by Picasa

yeah syoq pa Posted by Picasa

yeaaa drum paling stai  Posted by Picasa

Bah "skate tactic" on bass Posted by Picasa

fucking nice crowd Posted by Picasa

this is udey on 1st Posted by Picasa

payed screaming hard Posted by Picasa

mosh fuckers mosh Posted by Picasa

this is Incarnation . NRHC's metalcore band straight outta aloqstuck! Bah on bass, payed voc, jepun on 2nd guitar, udey on 1st, azim percs. Posted by Picasa

hehe aku dan juga awek aku Posted by Picasa

yeah! Posted by Picasa

ni depa jugak , geng darah Posted by Picasa

Dislocated Celeberum guitarist. pakai gas mask dengan baju darah, ganaih habeh! Posted by Picasa

arwidh main bass second combat Posted by Picasa

geng jahat ni Posted by Picasa

lust minute Posted by Picasa