Monday, May 12, 2008

Sara Bareilles !

im doing my first album review wohoo!

while writing this down, im still listening to her album for my first time.
but, Love Song has been on radio and tv every hours here and there now,and thats why i'd like to listen to her whole album and give my opinion abt it.

well, the Love Song is really a catchy and great songwriting by Sara, and i think i enjoyed it so much the first time i heard it on tv. Well, i always love pop rock/pop singer-songwriter-chicks who play instrument(s) like Michele Branch, KT Tunstall, Venesa Carlton, and im looking forward to hear more from Sara.

Her song One Sweet Love really unveiled her voices, and also a great song. Kinda like, Michele Branch type song. love it. Also take a listen to Between The Lines , City, Many The Lines, and Gravity.

No doubt that Sara Bareilles got a great voice and good songwriting skills.
Well, i hope she's not just going to be happy with her first album, im looking forward for her next material in future.

download it here (: , but dont forget to buy them if you like em

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Van Wilder, at last.

well, at last , today, ive finally watched Van Wilder the movie.
yeah, the movie was out in 2002 and i watched it 6 years later.
van wilder got out from his college that year, and yeah, i was enrolled in my uni in the same year.
well, few people event requested me to watch that movie, when they knew that i am somehow, in my 6th of year uni.
but im not considering myself as the van wilder. he's way too cool than me.
well, its a great movie, with great lines in it. and the movie is pretty much of what i think my life is.

(scene where ryan reynolds (van wilder) and tara reid sit after they had hockey game)

ryan : so, how long have you and premed richard been together?
tara : since my freshmen year
ryan : i bet he's a tight whitey guy (LOL , this one really hahah)
tara : excuse me?
ryan : white, elastic band, constrictive. You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of drawers they wear.
Like you, granny panties, i bet!
tara : Does that allude me to being the plain, boring type?
ryan : No, i just wanted a visual.
tara : i think it takes a lot more than the kind of underwear one wears to define them as a person
ryan : Like what?
tara : Like their action. For instance, most people want to get out of school, so they can make money. You're trying to make money to stay in school. why?
ryan : I like it here
tara : what about your future?
ryan : you take life way too seriously
tara : life is serious
ryan : you know, i used to party with this guy who told me "van, Dont take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive" .
He used to write for the school paper. He kept babbling about the differences between light and dark beer. very strange, but good advice.
You think about the future too much, you kind forget about the present, obviously.
And i am really enjoying the present right now, sharing a penalty box and a tri-latte with Gwen Pearson, who believes cencorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself.

well, he's true i guess.
and i believe many of my friends, and students now in colleges and unis is striving their best to get out of their place, and go to the what they call "real world". real world of what they define as go to work at a company, get paid every month, pay bills, get married and have children.
but, most of them kinda forget, of what they're doing here.

they forget to enjoy themselves, they take drugs too much til they dont even stand on this earth, they study so hard til they forget to go out and have fun, they're too afraid of what their parents will say, til they left out so many things that they can do in uni, they're in love so damn much with their girlfriends til they missed out their friends and so many things.

hey guys, i know ive been here long than what im supposed to, i have my reasons.
and im not telling all these just to tell you to extend your studies, no.
what im trying to say is, you just have 4 or 5 years in your precious life to enjoy this.
and you will work for another 40 years and get married for the whole life, and you wont be getting it back when you're 40. or 60. it wont happened again.

to freshmen, let your next 4 years gonna be the greatest time on your life, and to anyone finishing soon, enjoy your last moment here, go out party with your friends, ask your long-lost-contact friends to hangout, call your friends to have drinks with you.

im jepun, hafizi, fahmy, kev, kevin jeps ! out!