Monday, May 12, 2008

Sara Bareilles !

im doing my first album review wohoo!

while writing this down, im still listening to her album for my first time.
but, Love Song has been on radio and tv every hours here and there now,and thats why i'd like to listen to her whole album and give my opinion abt it.

well, the Love Song is really a catchy and great songwriting by Sara, and i think i enjoyed it so much the first time i heard it on tv. Well, i always love pop rock/pop singer-songwriter-chicks who play instrument(s) like Michele Branch, KT Tunstall, Venesa Carlton, and im looking forward to hear more from Sara.

Her song One Sweet Love really unveiled her voices, and also a great song. Kinda like, Michele Branch type song. love it. Also take a listen to Between The Lines , City, Many The Lines, and Gravity.

No doubt that Sara Bareilles got a great voice and good songwriting skills.
Well, i hope she's not just going to be happy with her first album, im looking forward for her next material in future.

download it here (: , but dont forget to buy them if you like em

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THE SHEZ said...

Ooo, you're Dy's bandmate.
I'm Sheila, Dy's (ex)-roomate.
Idk if you remember me tho.

Nice blog!