Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Sunday, March 20, 2005

friends again.

last two weeks is a very tired week, and coming ahead too.
and last two weeks also show me what this life is made of.
first thing first, i went to fcm award night at last, after all trouble, and selfishness made by own friend.
i only went because of Paradigm, adem, irene, and a few more. friends? they dont even care.
well, i dont wanna say much here, tapi, please la, takat buat status ym kutuk member sendiri tu, silakan la. tapi walaupun aku tak layan music stream hampa, aku tak penah tukaq status ym kutuk member sendiri, oh member? are they?
well, a friend confessed that he didnt like me, and treated me this way, well, friend, ingat la, even pun hg suka emo dgn aku whatever, aku still anggap hg kawan aku, as kawan mmu maupun kawan luar, aku sanggup p naik bas semata nak lepak dgn kawan tengok movie. and even aku tak kawan hg lagi, jgn la double standard sangat kawan dgn senior.
im really dissapointed in friends. really really dissapointed. nevermind, i live with u guys 2 years, and i learn so manythings bout u guys. now my assumption is true.

take off now. sory guys.

The Paradigms at FCM Award Night

Monday, March 14, 2005

Boing (german HC) and cassandra tour , KL.

last saturday i went to a gig, Boing/Cassandra Malaysian tour at Web Focus 1, PJ, infront of Hilton hotel. the gig were supposed to be at Billique Bistro, Bangsar, and there were few bands that supposed to play, but due to some reason, they combine it with other gig, and the bands that played that day are:

Cluster Bomb Unit (germany crust hero)
Boing (German rockin babeh HC)
Before She Dies
Anthem of the Obshere

arrived there late, so me and Kimi bought the ticket and went inside, and this Anthem of the Obshere were setting up their equipments.
Not so many people showed up that day, i guess because of the venue only reachable using private transportation. around 200 people that day. not bad.
Well then, Cluster bomb unit jammed out, with very weird sound. i cant really tell u what they played, and not really enjoy their songs. but they hav a quite good performance, with the UK anarchy punk look like guitarist.
and then cassandra. like usual this metallic band rock on, and that was when i got this neck cramp from. nice crowd!!!!!!!
and Boing, this band is awesome. i dont know their genre is, but they didnt really play hardcore type music, they're more sound like rage against the machine, but they still hard in heart. longlive hardcore music scene in malaysia.

i didnt bring my camera there, so no pic. sory.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I was watching Terminator III : Rise of the machine last night, after felt asleep at 9 because of my severe headache, as known as migrain?

woke up at 4, and I cant sleep. so I watched it, the clear version, that has a GERMAN subtitles!!!! LOL. hahah i dont mind. its better hearing what they said than u read it. i watched the movie back in 2003,downloaded the cinema copy from internet. it sucks.

T3 is a sequence movie of it's terminator, The Terminator, Terminator II : Judgement Day (that i watched back in 1992 with my VCR player, over and over ) and Terminator III : Rise of The Machines.

in the movie, they mentioned about Skynet, the computer software, they they thought is a CPU , which lauched, to help them working with their military, but UNFORTUNATELY, Skynet itself is a virus, no, is a worm, that infected all of the military facility computers, in the world, and every single computer after that, and then spread it out.

The problem is, Skynet doesn't have a single mainframe or something, it live and spread out, and communicate with each other in computers around the world. well, i was talking about a semantic web, and how GOOGLE.COM can be a powerful computer in the future.

" Skynet: it was a learning computer that unexpectedly became sentient. Horrified at this development, humans tried to turn it off, an act that would have meant death for the intelligence. Thinking fast, within milliseconds Skynet fired its nuclear missiles, beginning its reign of terror in an act of self-defense. However, in Terminator 3, it is implied that humans were ignorant of Skynet's sentience, and it attacked humanity without any provocation whatsoever."

taken from

While google is a threat, one more supercomputer that has a criteria of Skynet, SETI@Home.

"SETI@home (SETI at home) is a distributed computing project for Internet-connected home computers, hosted by the University of California, Berkeley. SETI is an acronym for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. SETI@home's purpose is to analyze data incoming from the Arecibo radio telescope, searching for possible evidence of radio transmissions from extraterrestrial intelligence. With over 5 million users worldwide, the project is the most successful example of distributed computing to date."

taken from

SETI@home is working with millions of home user computer, office, even i been thinking, military officer, college students, lecturers, professional, or kids. what i've been thinking, can u run away from a single computer, at least a day? sure u cant, your PDA, your handphone is a low-level computering device.

If skynet really exist, or want to exist, it would be a very big problem for us. and to our future. somebody may exploit it, to use it for their own good. OR EVEN WORST, the computers like or SETI@home might learn about us everyday and who knows , in 10 years more, they'll become more intelligent than human could ever think, and would take us down.

Distributed computing infrastructure

* GLOBE - (Andrew S. Tanenbaum and others)


* OfficeGRID [6] ( is a grid solution from MESH-Technologies A/S [7] (
* Xgrid
* United Devices [8] ( is the largest commercial distributed computing network.
* DataSynaspe [9] ( another commercial provider of distributed computing software.
* Entropia [10] ( vendor of distributed computing software technologies.

everyday i look upon the sky, and hoping nothing come out from it that could probably destroy us, the nuclear war .

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Hidden Official Myspace

Hey guys, just promoting a local band from my place, they're fkin good, check them out at

The Hidden Myspace

Linux first mentioned in public. w0w.

Från:Linus Benedict Torvalds (torvalds@klaava.Helsinki.FI)
Ämne:What would you like to see most in minix?
View: Complete Thread (8 artiklar)
Original Format
Datum:1991-08-25 23:12:08 PST

Hello everybody out there using minix -

I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and
professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. This has been brewing
since april, and is starting to get ready. I'd like any feedback on
things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat
(same physical layout of the file-system (due to practical reasons)
among other things).

I've currently ported bash(1.08) and gcc(1.40), and things seem to work.
This implies that I'll get something practical within a few months, and
I'd like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions
are welcome, but I won't promise I'll implement them :-)

Linus (

PS. Yes - it's free of any minix code, and it has a multi-threaded fs.
It is NOT protable (uses 386 task switching etc), and it probably never
will support anything other than AT-harddisks, as that's all I have :-(.

how cool is this? good work linus torvald.

Monday, March 07, 2005

pukifuck buritshit

okey, ini post terbaru aku selepas its been a fucking hectic weeks...
start off, with what been going on, i've been working on some shits, a video clip, a fuking flash work for my freelance, and other fuking stuff. well. got myself an ibanez gio, grg270 and a boss mt-2. a very nice kickstart for me.
okey, i went to a gig at hard rock yesterday, the band that shud play is klphshsjq , seven colar and love me butch. the gig was called pesta muda mudi 2 .. haha, boring as hell, klphsq playing instruments, i barely catch the music that they played, probably bcos i dont listen to that kind of stuff. how to listen such that music? im not good in music, but i can diffrentiate between playing music and playing instruments. sure u guys will do great in firdaus and piut!!! and then the fucking great love me butch on stage playing songs from their late album and upcoming, this is new pop, reconcile for shit is.
and, they end their show playing stumble upon a broken glass err..yeah i think thats the name.
and then the seven colar play , seen them heard them a lot in radio/tv/gigs, mengantuk and im out.

terasa kerugian plak p that show, i was hopingto buy the love me butch new CD and tshirt, but the tshirt that i want isnt there, and the album hasn't release yet. agh, its better to go to metal gig in shah alam.

There'll be a gig , organize by SPARC Club MMU Cyberjaya, its call Temp0° .

date :24th march
venue: multipurpose hall,MMU cyberjaya
time : 7.30 -11.30

come beramai-ramai, ajak kawan-kawan, suruh kawan-kawan ajak kawan-kawan, ......

aku ada satu ayat, to whomsoever it may concern :

setakat nak kutuk aku tu kutuk la okay? kalau dah terasa, buatpa nak kutuk, and, to ur fuking old man, ingat dah tua tu, bleh kutuk orang suka hati la? macam hang baguih sangat ja. b.u.t.u.h.
of all the hatred in the world, they'll be collapse, revenge will seek upon vengence.

ok, end of my fucking hatred blog.


BOING (german hardcore ) / CASSANDRA (kl new breed metal core)
Malaysian tour

12 March - Kuala Lumpur @ (New) Billique Bistro Jalan Telawi Bangsar KL
(RM12) Time : 3pm
with Color My Iris,Anthem of Obsure,Her Last Whisper,Before She Die

27 March - Penang @ AP Valley Cafe 29, Trang Road,
(RM12) Time: 1pm
with Weotskam,Skatanix,P.C.S,Resistol cool ai resistol!!!

lets support our local hc scene.