Monday, March 14, 2005

Boing (german HC) and cassandra tour , KL.

last saturday i went to a gig, Boing/Cassandra Malaysian tour at Web Focus 1, PJ, infront of Hilton hotel. the gig were supposed to be at Billique Bistro, Bangsar, and there were few bands that supposed to play, but due to some reason, they combine it with other gig, and the bands that played that day are:

Cluster Bomb Unit (germany crust hero)
Boing (German rockin babeh HC)
Before She Dies
Anthem of the Obshere

arrived there late, so me and Kimi bought the ticket and went inside, and this Anthem of the Obshere were setting up their equipments.
Not so many people showed up that day, i guess because of the venue only reachable using private transportation. around 200 people that day. not bad.
Well then, Cluster bomb unit jammed out, with very weird sound. i cant really tell u what they played, and not really enjoy their songs. but they hav a quite good performance, with the UK anarchy punk look like guitarist.
and then cassandra. like usual this metallic band rock on, and that was when i got this neck cramp from. nice crowd!!!!!!!
and Boing, this band is awesome. i dont know their genre is, but they didnt really play hardcore type music, they're more sound like rage against the machine, but they still hard in heart. longlive hardcore music scene in malaysia.

i didnt bring my camera there, so no pic. sory.

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