Sunday, March 20, 2005

friends again.

last two weeks is a very tired week, and coming ahead too.
and last two weeks also show me what this life is made of.
first thing first, i went to fcm award night at last, after all trouble, and selfishness made by own friend.
i only went because of Paradigm, adem, irene, and a few more. friends? they dont even care.
well, i dont wanna say much here, tapi, please la, takat buat status ym kutuk member sendiri tu, silakan la. tapi walaupun aku tak layan music stream hampa, aku tak penah tukaq status ym kutuk member sendiri, oh member? are they?
well, a friend confessed that he didnt like me, and treated me this way, well, friend, ingat la, even pun hg suka emo dgn aku whatever, aku still anggap hg kawan aku, as kawan mmu maupun kawan luar, aku sanggup p naik bas semata nak lepak dgn kawan tengok movie. and even aku tak kawan hg lagi, jgn la double standard sangat kawan dgn senior.
im really dissapointed in friends. really really dissapointed. nevermind, i live with u guys 2 years, and i learn so manythings bout u guys. now my assumption is true.

take off now. sory guys.

The Paradigms at FCM Award Night

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za : zo said...

if something doesnt kill u,it'll make u stronger..