Thursday, March 10, 2005


I was watching Terminator III : Rise of the machine last night, after felt asleep at 9 because of my severe headache, as known as migrain?

woke up at 4, and I cant sleep. so I watched it, the clear version, that has a GERMAN subtitles!!!! LOL. hahah i dont mind. its better hearing what they said than u read it. i watched the movie back in 2003,downloaded the cinema copy from internet. it sucks.

T3 is a sequence movie of it's terminator, The Terminator, Terminator II : Judgement Day (that i watched back in 1992 with my VCR player, over and over ) and Terminator III : Rise of The Machines.

in the movie, they mentioned about Skynet, the computer software, they they thought is a CPU , which lauched, to help them working with their military, but UNFORTUNATELY, Skynet itself is a virus, no, is a worm, that infected all of the military facility computers, in the world, and every single computer after that, and then spread it out.

The problem is, Skynet doesn't have a single mainframe or something, it live and spread out, and communicate with each other in computers around the world. well, i was talking about a semantic web, and how GOOGLE.COM can be a powerful computer in the future.

" Skynet: it was a learning computer that unexpectedly became sentient. Horrified at this development, humans tried to turn it off, an act that would have meant death for the intelligence. Thinking fast, within milliseconds Skynet fired its nuclear missiles, beginning its reign of terror in an act of self-defense. However, in Terminator 3, it is implied that humans were ignorant of Skynet's sentience, and it attacked humanity without any provocation whatsoever."

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While google is a threat, one more supercomputer that has a criteria of Skynet, SETI@Home.

"SETI@home (SETI at home) is a distributed computing project for Internet-connected home computers, hosted by the University of California, Berkeley. SETI is an acronym for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. SETI@home's purpose is to analyze data incoming from the Arecibo radio telescope, searching for possible evidence of radio transmissions from extraterrestrial intelligence. With over 5 million users worldwide, the project is the most successful example of distributed computing to date."

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SETI@home is working with millions of home user computer, office, even i been thinking, military officer, college students, lecturers, professional, or kids. what i've been thinking, can u run away from a single computer, at least a day? sure u cant, your PDA, your handphone is a low-level computering device.

If skynet really exist, or want to exist, it would be a very big problem for us. and to our future. somebody may exploit it, to use it for their own good. OR EVEN WORST, the computers like or SETI@home might learn about us everyday and who knows , in 10 years more, they'll become more intelligent than human could ever think, and would take us down.

Distributed computing infrastructure

* GLOBE - (Andrew S. Tanenbaum and others)


* OfficeGRID [6] ( is a grid solution from MESH-Technologies A/S [7] (
* Xgrid
* United Devices [8] ( is the largest commercial distributed computing network.
* DataSynaspe [9] ( another commercial provider of distributed computing software.
* Entropia [10] ( vendor of distributed computing software technologies.

everyday i look upon the sky, and hoping nothing come out from it that could probably destroy us, the nuclear war .

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