Monday, September 04, 2006

today on 4th sept.

last night i had a long sleep again, 9pm - 10am this morning.
just checking over orders from customers. well i have 19 orders pending and need to be shipped out.

ebay is nice. i support my living with eBay
ebay is bidding, bidding is business, business is goooooood!

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

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i-hack 2006.

well i just got back from the itm's i-hack 2006 and im damn tired. this is my first time i involved in REAL computer intrusion as we say it "hacking" world.

i dont really know much about hacking or computer security nowadays, as i only have basic knowledges and concepts about it. my team mate, crash (esco) asked me to join it, and i said why not, just to gain experience hey!
Last time i remember doing all this computer stuff were back in my alpha year in mmu, it is 2003, 3 years ago. lots of things changed nowadays and i never update my computer security skills.

The competition start 2nd sept with the Forensic challenge.
OUR group name is skullb0x- (taken from antitrust movie)

our task is given on the website, and we need to find bugs, hidden message, doing some reverse engineering, not to mention social engineering (: .
well, we (me as kevin and esco) lost for few hours and didnt know what to do. until we decided to use reverse engineering, reading program's hash code and hexadecimals.
damn i seriously taktau apa2 about this sebab dah lama sangat tinggal.
we were given viruses and worms (like brontok.exe) and we must find what the virus did and something like that.
There were 5 flags to be captured , and we managed to capture only 1 flag. well i think that's a good start for us . esco is studying public service and me studying design. hehe.
congrats to ITM's team they won the challenge (well no wonder because they are computer science students anyway)

2nd day is CTF (capture the flag) challenge.

well today we started pretty slow, there are 10 flags to be capture.
today was all about hacking and computer intrusion. unfortunately none of us expert in it.
i found 2 flags and esco almost found 1 flag but we manage to get ourself an encrypted phrase. we have no idea how to decrypte it and we leave it. we only get 2 flags out of 10.
But lucky for me, for less than 24 hours i learn basic concepts about sql injections.
well now that i know, there's no turning back.
ammar and suff (ammar was my schoolmate) team from Project Tango (they're from UTP) won it with 7 captured flags. congrats.
well today was fun. and it was funny too. hacking is only for my knowledge.. somebody did said to me i should learn IT rather than design heh.
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