Thursday, December 25, 2008

how much

how much it cost you to make other people smile?
10 ringgit? 10 litres of petrol?
a call? an sms?

thnk abt it

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lucky Number 7

(do me a favor please, download this song wait for it and listen to it while you read this post :)

next year is already 2009,
well that means, i've been 7 years in university education. lucky number 7 ayy?

yes its true, i enrolled to this magnificent uni, back in 2002. ( i think i've already wrote bout this, but hey, who cares?)
it was back in 2002, a year after i finished my secondary school, or what they call "high schoool". honestly, i never really wanted to go anywhere. mmu was my choice.
i still remember, back in september 2002, first day im in mmu. i was so excited to be there. my plan was easy, get to know as much great people as i can, experience the life, and lastly, get a degree. i was at multimedia university , in melaka back then. taking a diploma in Business information system. well, that isnt what i wanna do. so a semester after that, i joined the EEP (early entrance programme), and then moved to MMU Cyberjaya, to join the faculty of creative multimedia, taking a degree.

and that was 2002, and boom! next year its gonna be 2009, 7 lucky years.
for that long period of me being in this university, i dont think i had enough of it - getting to know new people, old people, lecturers, friends, all the sweat and tears.

and people, repeatedly asking me "bila nak grad?" .

honestly, i dont know how to answer that, and give a good answer that they can chew em up. i hope by giving these answer, you guys can properly understand it and not ask about it anymore.

the answer:
financially, i not in the position that i can finish my studies in a short self-sponsored, not by my parents, by myself. So i had to figure shit to find cash for my study, and my living. you'd probably wont understand this, so skip.

and for most part is, im not like most people. most people go to university , so they can get degree and probably land a good job after that. im not worry about what im gonna do after this, and i dont care if i ever get that scroll or not, what matter is the experience, the knowledge, the skills, the people, the things that ive met for my whole entire time here.

i might be here for another year, 2 years, 5 years, who knows? maybe but hey.
its not that i can just come back here when im 50 , and still be me now and do all the stuffs i like doing now.

im gonna be 25 next year, im still the person you knew back in 97, and will still be the same hopefully.

this post dedicated to everyone who still in university, struggling and striving everyday to achieve what they want to.

dont be too serious in life, or you will never get out alive

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i found something interesting, taken from a friend's blog entry long time ago.

isnt it? :b


i got fascinated by things.
if i like it, i learn about it.
the more things i like, the more things i learn.
the more i learn, the richer i be.
yes i am rich.
i am rich of things inside my brain.

go learn things. read more books.
Not the kind of fancy books that you're reading.
learn your history, learn your own history.
if Nicola Tesla does not ring any bells to you,
go to google and find out what he invented that are so important to you.
then you'll know what kind of education that you're having right now..

this goes to everyone , in any educational institution right now.

Monday, December 15, 2008


aku baru saja terjaga dari tidur, erm bukan tidur sbenarnya, tapi tidur sebab sakit yg amat, migrain+ demam+loya+ apa saja lah.
skrg feeling a bit better, sudah 5 hari sakit, well. kerja pun apa tak buat.
kenapa at this time every year aku akan sakit. last year sakit teruk jugak.
almost 2 weeks tak bole buat apa apa. backpain yg teruk. nak tidur tak bole, nak duduk tak bole, kena berdiri. tu pun tak bole lama.
a week before this pun aku sakit jugak. tapi disclosed sakit apa. dan semua ni membuatkan aku berfikir, sejauh mana kita akan sihat, sampai kita sakit. sakit dan tak bole buat apa apa.
bagi org yang selalu endurance sakit mcm aku ni, mungkin paham sikit2 betapa nikmat nya bangun hari hari sihat walafiat.

gunakanlah kesihatan anda, untuk menjenguk mak bapak, kerja baik baik, hulur duit kat depa, adik2 , jgn dok beli dadah ka apa, jenguk la kawan2, kawan2 lama, kawan2 skolah, apa sangat nak saving duit tu.
takkan nak tunggu kawan2 sakit baru nak melawat? atau tunggu anda sendiri sakit, baru depa mai melawat? tah mai ka tah dak ka.

ini la yg aku byk rasakan sekarang. kawan2 aku byk caught up dengan kerja masing, aku tau busy. tak tak busy mcm President america pun. terlalu sangat mengejar duit dan awek, sampai takmau lepak dgn kawan2. alasan : "busy la weh, kerja design.."
fakof la wei, aku pernah kerja jugak. lagi lama daripada hampa semua kerja.

sorry terkasar bahasa.

aku bukan apa, latih la diri hampa untuk kurangkan "busy" tu.
skrg, tak kawin, tak apa, dah busy teruk.
cuba bayang kalau dah kawin?

peace yaw

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i wanna wrap up my 2008 soon. i'll write em all
its gonna be ... whoa!

lets wait

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the WWW and internet and WEB!

yerp, selamat hari raya aidiladha to everyone! (that still read this blog)

oh well, im no fancy blogger with fancy stories. i prefer not to write it here if i can.
im still olskool - meet people outside and lets talk til morning.
oh, speakign about that, i miss that.

i mean, look at us. what has the internet done to us?
lets reverse back to my time, back in 1996, when internet is just new . jaring brought it to malaysia.

i was in standard 6, there was no internet. no mp3s, no social networking site, no napster, no google, chatting, no ym, no whatsoever. the only medium you can use, is home phone ! yeah bebeh, getting the trouble of calling the person at home, and sometimes u gotta go tru few "firewalls" . hahaha, what i mean, their parents, sisters or whatever !

well i miss that. for those who dont owns home phone, we hav to go to their house and shout their name. ahahha

you know why i miss all that and i hates internet so much?
yes its true, internet give the endless opportunities to keep in touch with your friends, and to get to know new friends. i admit it, since i plug myself into the internet, ive got myself so many friends from it.

but why its bad?

because, for example, A and B live in the same town, they always chatting together, read each other's blog or do the social-networking thingy. they will just chat and chat, because its "easier" and "simpler", and you can keep your fat up your ass more!

people became so lazy ! A and B wont have that excitement of meeting and hanging out with each other anymore. you chat and do so many stuffs on the net, and you have less and less things to tell each other. think about a situation, when you're somewhere like at the airport, and u meet a friend that u havent meet for like 3 years!

think about it. its about human interactions and socialization .
its getting lesser, and lesser each day. i've seen this. its getting bad. people spent too much time on the internet, you'd probably miss out so many things out there.
ive been there, and done that. and i see people still get hype on things like facebook. its pure eeevil . its a tool. tool of the unknown .

let me tell you what i think about this, and why im spending my time writing this thing.
lets go through the internet timeframe in malaysia first.

1996 - internet first available to public, via Jaring
1997 - IRC is getting hot and hotter! another reason why you should learn to use internet
1998 - popular mIRC clients was available on almost every PC you can find!
1998 - CyberCafe grew like mushrooms ! rapidly opened everywhere
1999 - the WWW is getting hotter, no social network website available yet. people start to write their own web log. or as known as BLOG today. community sites like circles99 and communityzero rapidly growing
2000 - The golden era of IRC ! i was a part of this.
2001 - After almost 7 years, IRC was doomed ! servers blocked malaysian users, people getting bored. almost 70% left IRC. by this time, people just use internet not more than 1 hour everyday
2002 - The Dawn of SOCIAL Networking! Friendster was available to public ! people so caught up with the "testimonial" thingy, and internet became hot again. people spent sooo much time on this.
2003 - Myspace was born! - i dont have to say much about this. now they have like millions of users registered. my id number was 666306, try to figure out whats yours and compare to my number (:
2004 - FREE blogging websites available. blogger, fotopages, and many more! people dont have to buy their own webspace for blog anymore.
2005 - email getting bigger and bigger!Flickr, fotopages was born.
2006 - everybody will have at least a SITE on the internet.
2007 - Facebook was born! and people get hype for their web2.0 interface, shameful.
2008 - the facebook era, photo tagging, tag.
2009 -??

try to think, how much time you've spent within this period of time. and how much time you wasted, and how much time you spent wisely.

please people,
computer isnt your home, internet isnt your world. you've got soul youve got body, go out to the real world.
its lame to spend half of your day on facebook, doing that "post" thign and whtever.


- tidak ditujukan kepada sesiapa! jgn offended ya ( :