Thursday, December 25, 2008

how much

how much it cost you to make other people smile?
10 ringgit? 10 litres of petrol?
a call? an sms?

thnk abt it


suraya said...

To make someone smile would cost almost nothing.
A joke would make someone smile.
A joke doesn't need money.

Or maybe even a simple hello via sms or just a call would make someones day.

Simple things can mean much more than expensive gifts. :]

Kiith46 said...

I find it hard to smile sometimes since most people i met are such a disappointment.

How much to make a person smile?
It depends on what kind of smile...

mojojojjo said...

i will have to agree with suraya. jokes will always be jokes, unless if it gets you at the wrong time.. but yeah.

awesome songs too.
ouh, im listening to your hello is this the band now. i like secret admirer the most, tho im not a big fan of paramore.

this is fresh.. to me.