Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lucky Number 7

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next year is already 2009,
well that means, i've been 7 years in university education. lucky number 7 ayy?

yes its true, i enrolled to this magnificent uni, back in 2002. ( i think i've already wrote bout this, but hey, who cares?)
it was back in 2002, a year after i finished my secondary school, or what they call "high schoool". honestly, i never really wanted to go anywhere. mmu was my choice.
i still remember, back in september 2002, first day im in mmu. i was so excited to be there. my plan was easy, get to know as much great people as i can, experience the life, and lastly, get a degree. i was at multimedia university , in melaka back then. taking a diploma in Business information system. well, that isnt what i wanna do. so a semester after that, i joined the EEP (early entrance programme), and then moved to MMU Cyberjaya, to join the faculty of creative multimedia, taking a degree.

and that was 2002, and boom! next year its gonna be 2009, 7 lucky years.
for that long period of me being in this university, i dont think i had enough of it - getting to know new people, old people, lecturers, friends, all the sweat and tears.

and people, repeatedly asking me "bila nak grad?" .

honestly, i dont know how to answer that, and give a good answer that they can chew em up. i hope by giving these answer, you guys can properly understand it and not ask about it anymore.

the answer:
financially, i not in the position that i can finish my studies in a short self-sponsored, not by my parents, by myself. So i had to figure shit to find cash for my study, and my living. you'd probably wont understand this, so skip.

and for most part is, im not like most people. most people go to university , so they can get degree and probably land a good job after that. im not worry about what im gonna do after this, and i dont care if i ever get that scroll or not, what matter is the experience, the knowledge, the skills, the people, the things that ive met for my whole entire time here.

i might be here for another year, 2 years, 5 years, who knows? maybe but hey.
its not that i can just come back here when im 50 , and still be me now and do all the stuffs i like doing now.

im gonna be 25 next year, im still the person you knew back in 97, and will still be the same hopefully.

this post dedicated to everyone who still in university, struggling and striving everyday to achieve what they want to.

dont be too serious in life, or you will never get out alive

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Kiith46 said...

I have a friend of mine who is in a similar position as you, he too is an art student but he is a very strange friend and I can't seem to understand him above70%. Pretty random guy.

He has been in college for more than 8 years and is still there. He is being supported by his elder brother and both of his parents had passed away while he was little.

The reason why he doesn't seemed to grad is that "I masih tak jumpa the true ilham yet" Whatever that 'ilham' is we still don't know.

Whether you want to grad or not its pretty much up to you, if you want to make a business later on in life you can use the cert as credentials for you business partners even though the cert may not be related to your business.

If you continue on with uni the experience you had would be in your favour. Don't feel hurt if people are asking you bila nak grad. You are not the only one. Take that friend of mine for example.

Happy New Year!