Saturday, March 21, 2009

Say NO to Rapidshare, Megaupload, Netload, no to Rapidshare, Megaupload, Netload, Cumload or whtever the hell it is!

let me teach you somthing about the internet.

you can get something good, and not paying anything.
you like to download? games/tvs/movies/pRon/ anything?

for example. you wanna download something from Rapidshare, or Megaupload, yes they have free service, but it so fucking slow. you have to pay like RM30/month to get fast connection. okay, you buy an account at Rapidshare, how bout Megaupload? Netload? or others? you wanna pay RM200/months for this?

no f-way.
so let me teach you a lesson, on how to get your fast download, for free.

what you need?

1. A local-based webserver (means this server located in Malaysia, because when u download something from LOCAL server, it will be super-fast!)

you can buy a 3GB or 10GB webserver, with a 10GB transfer per month for RM145 Per year!
you can find them on the internet, but contact me if you need advise.


(megaupload plugin maybe not working, you can find the plugin and update it. go here )

its easy. unzip it. upload the folder to your server. and run it !

for example

how it works?

simple. this genious Rapidleech script will transload the files from Rapidshare/Megaupload/ etc file to your server. you will be suprised how fast the connections of these servers

here's some screen shot if you think im bluffing you (LOL)

and i use Orbit Download to download my file from My Webserver

Do you see the speed?

sometimes you can get 300kb/sec if your webserver in full speed.


say no to them

say yes to free.

so, why not invest some money to save them more?

oh shit, still want it free??

okay okay, you guys sucks!

go here

there's bunch of updated RL servers there. but u wont get as freedom and as fast as your own LOCAL webserver!

if you need more help on this, let me know,
hit the comments !

im kev, til nxt time you idiots!

Friday, March 06, 2009

finally, the wish list

2009's wish list
oh, my avril hv asked my like 100 times to write this.
so here we go!

1. my avril
2. my avril
3. avril
4. my avril again (hehe)
5. new nice pair of jeans
6. a new set of t-shirts (im selling or giving away my old shirts, including band shirts and others)
7. new pair of shoes (no more asics)
8. Fender Telecaster Deluxe

or this (Squier Telecaster Custom)

9. a Laptop
10. EP of my band.
11. new "reliable" wrist watch.
12. new wallet
13. my promised beach (14)
14. an evening with my avril by the beach.
15. a good acoustic guitar (i love to write song with this)
16. a small digital camera ( i dont wanna carry SLR around)
17. me and her health (cancel everything above except 1-4, if it is needed for this)

hmm lupa la. nnt update lg okay?


its friday.

i need to regain my energy and my power back.

next week is week 6 of 14 week study.
i need to finish my assignment, and other things

things are going well now. im bck on my feet again.
thanks darling for taking care of me.

got my hair cut yesterday, and i look silly.
well its normal, i never got a good haircut.
lets wait for another week or two.

get well soon! i wanna see your smile