Friday, March 06, 2009

finally, the wish list

2009's wish list
oh, my avril hv asked my like 100 times to write this.
so here we go!

1. my avril
2. my avril
3. avril
4. my avril again (hehe)
5. new nice pair of jeans
6. a new set of t-shirts (im selling or giving away my old shirts, including band shirts and others)
7. new pair of shoes (no more asics)
8. Fender Telecaster Deluxe

or this (Squier Telecaster Custom)

9. a Laptop
10. EP of my band.
11. new "reliable" wrist watch.
12. new wallet
13. my promised beach (14)
14. an evening with my avril by the beach.
15. a good acoustic guitar (i love to write song with this)
16. a small digital camera ( i dont wanna carry SLR around)
17. me and her health (cancel everything above except 1-4, if it is needed for this)

hmm lupa la. nnt update lg okay?


shee said...

i love u soooo much

shee said...

sooooo mane lagi wishlist yg tapat? :p