Monday, March 07, 2005

pukifuck buritshit

okey, ini post terbaru aku selepas its been a fucking hectic weeks...
start off, with what been going on, i've been working on some shits, a video clip, a fuking flash work for my freelance, and other fuking stuff. well. got myself an ibanez gio, grg270 and a boss mt-2. a very nice kickstart for me.
okey, i went to a gig at hard rock yesterday, the band that shud play is klphshsjq , seven colar and love me butch. the gig was called pesta muda mudi 2 .. haha, boring as hell, klphsq playing instruments, i barely catch the music that they played, probably bcos i dont listen to that kind of stuff. how to listen such that music? im not good in music, but i can diffrentiate between playing music and playing instruments. sure u guys will do great in firdaus and piut!!! and then the fucking great love me butch on stage playing songs from their late album and upcoming, this is new pop, reconcile for shit is.
and, they end their show playing stumble upon a broken glass err..yeah i think thats the name.
and then the seven colar play , seen them heard them a lot in radio/tv/gigs, mengantuk and im out.

terasa kerugian plak p that show, i was hopingto buy the love me butch new CD and tshirt, but the tshirt that i want isnt there, and the album hasn't release yet. agh, its better to go to metal gig in shah alam.

There'll be a gig , organize by SPARC Club MMU Cyberjaya, its call Temp0° .

date :24th march
venue: multipurpose hall,MMU cyberjaya
time : 7.30 -11.30

come beramai-ramai, ajak kawan-kawan, suruh kawan-kawan ajak kawan-kawan, ......

aku ada satu ayat, to whomsoever it may concern :

setakat nak kutuk aku tu kutuk la okay? kalau dah terasa, buatpa nak kutuk, and, to ur fuking old man, ingat dah tua tu, bleh kutuk orang suka hati la? macam hang baguih sangat ja. b.u.t.u.h.
of all the hatred in the world, they'll be collapse, revenge will seek upon vengence.

ok, end of my fucking hatred blog.


BOING (german hardcore ) / CASSANDRA (kl new breed metal core)
Malaysian tour

12 March - Kuala Lumpur @ (New) Billique Bistro Jalan Telawi Bangsar KL
(RM12) Time : 3pm
with Color My Iris,Anthem of Obsure,Her Last Whisper,Before She Die

27 March - Penang @ AP Valley Cafe 29, Trang Road,
(RM12) Time: 1pm
with Weotskam,Skatanix,P.C.S,Resistol cool ai resistol!!!

lets support our local hc scene.

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