Monday, April 04, 2005

Nasi Kandaq Hard Core

oyeah, last week went back to aloqstuck to meet friends there.
arrived there with mart jai around 3AM, and then terus lepak2 with friend at farid's and shiate all friends there, later went to eat nasi ganja with Resistol members - udey,bah,boy,mat joe,and sashe, while payed still at kl. then went back home and dahhhhh.. my order for atreyu tshirt arrived! oyeah, unfortunately the bleeding through didnt get tru the KDN mafaker.

next day (sunday) met adam, and offer him to bring him to penang to see cassadra (he kill to see that band , he's broke)
well, arrived there around 3 pm, thought we were late, but the crews (all 3 cars) just arrived there.
so, the gig started around 3 something. kick out with this band i dont know, just listen to them from outside, they played Keane. i think they are P.C.S.
then, Weotskam took the stage. this band really kicks. they played oldskool hc stuff, the 1 minute per song really catchy. and then Resistol took the place. they played their new song, and cover from Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban. really nice.
Then Skatanix, and after that Cassandra. as always these guys were great. even sing with them because there's no stage. yeah luv it.
gig brought by

FIRST STANCE RECORDINGS (johor bahru, penang and alor setar street team)
Mable Distro (ipoh)
Andev Record and RevoltAndTheChaos (seremban)
NUS original music society (singapore)

wall of jericho..haha dak ni second combat dgn awek drummer.

resistol tgh setup.

aloqstuck myhc . from atas kiri : mart jai, jepun , azim, adam, wazet , jan bulat,
bawah kiri : megat, farid "danny", adik, standing : apit minyak and wady gudey.

second combat.

in ferry langkawi (walaupun aku naik ferry lain)