Tuesday, March 25, 2008

felt like writing.

helo world.
how are u out there?
i dont know what to write, but im gonna give a shot.
well, howbout i tell you guys something .
about girls that i knew, before.
girls that really inspired me.
and most of em, gone now.

well, i kinda miss a girl i knew back in my schooldays.
i knew her accidently via irc , she thought im sombdoy else.
so we chat, and we met. that first met, omg,
she was soo beautiful. i felt for her.
since then, we always talked on the phone, irc-ing. everyday.
but, im nowhr around her heart. we were just friends.
but somhow after she finished school, she disappeared for a year,
it was my first year in uni. then i got her contact and we connected again.
but this time she was in kl, and has bf. i dont really mind. i always too late.
for everythg.
and then she was in love with my good friend. that was a sad time for me,
but im happy for them. but it dont last long.
and she disappeared again, and recently i heard,
she got married. );
she was my first crush.

and another girl is cinta.
i call her that because that's the only name i knew back then
when i was first year at uni.
well, she was a senior and she's damn hot.
i know she wasnt easy to get to know, so it took me half-a-year to get
to know her.
what's inspired me is she has the look and the brain. and we got somtgh
in common abt our mother.
she's a real good sister to her siblings.
and she's a good listener, good talker, and fun to hangout
even though back then, i speak POOR english (til now),
i still managed to speak english with her, LOL.
well, its been 4 years since the last time i met her.
she's engaged to smone now, and getting married soon.
i hope we can hangout for the last time (;

another one is za,
well, i kinda knew her since my alpha year in uni.
but we really got to know each other in 2005.
i like her , yeah i did.
but back then, she felt in love, again, with my good friend.
and again, im soooooo sad sad sad.
but in 2007, we got back together, but this time,
we really had feelings for each other.
shes a great friend and a good person to hangout.
she has a good taste in music, and tv too!
we used to sat and sang and play guitar together.
but, somehow i spoiled the relationship.
i kinda mis her, my friend.
i still remember she showing me around her old town, breakfast
together at her fav place.
well its all my fault. she's in a good place now.
i hope that we might be friend again.

another one is ...
i dont know what to say abt her.
the most perfect girl i ever know.
but again, i spoiled it );
im so so so so sad.
if i have a chance to ride on a time machine
and get back in time,
i'd definitely repair this. this one.
that i cant really do anythg about it.

"of all the roses and apologies,
of all the sorry i asked,
i know daisy worth more to you,
i hope u'll forgive me,
even after im long gone from here"

to you, you know who you are.

i know nobody will read this.
but u know, somehow i felt like internet is like a treasure chest,
where we will dig and find something good in it.

til next time ya.

listening to SigurRos - Staralfur while writign this.