Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i cant believe it

u know what, let just start this post , with saying that im dissapointed. she graduated without telling me.
as a friend, and friend who help her throughout her fyp, she didnt even bother to tell me.
ya maybe she's so busy with her life, but thats a lame excuse to tell a friend like me. Well for sure im not so important as her bf. ya sure .
well who the hell am i want to have the right to say this thing.


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mojojojjo said...

were you talking about me? if u were.. here goes..

to my dear friend,

now you are actually putting words into my mouth. but i dont mind.. i just want you to hear me out.

about me not telling you, well thats kinda odd because i was over and over again talking about graduation.. example: the indian picture, the forms that i need to send to mmu, the black rose? those were for when?... you have no idea about me graduating? anyway.. you're an mmu student and i didnt think that you dint know. and i have no intention in leaving you out of it. anyway.. what happened was that.. the ones that actually congratulated me were the ones that i didnt tell i was graduating. so i hope that tells you something.

secondly.. its not a matter of whether you matters to me or not, not a matter for you to be there for me or not.. but having you to say something was enough to say that you're my friend. i mean, things just dont have to be visible to see.

about the fyp.. yeah you helped me hell lot and maybe you can just say im kacang lupa kulit, this ungrateful bum-head.

and the bf.. he was only care enough to ask and be there. if he coudlnt or wouldnt.. i just dont mind. just as much as the people known as friends, who would actually have an extra eye to say something about me graduating. if they didnt, i let them be.

most of all, making u feeling dissapointed is just something i didnt plan to. sorry.