Friday, September 28, 2007


you're way more mature than me. i dont understand, why u keep telling people
all those stuffs, ( reader : i know its your blog, your right, your place, but hey, who's reading it ha?robots,cats? its your friends)
and when they read about it, what'd they think. what'd they feel.
and i know it is NOT about me that you're writing.

KEPADA READERS DI LUAR SANA, JGN INGAT AKU NI ROBOT DAN TAK ADA PERASAAN. hampa ingat aku tak rasa apa apa ka? hampa ingat aku suka suka buat kat orang ka? hampa ingat aku takda rasa sedih ka?
tolong la . mai duduk dengan aku untuk 2 hari, dan hampa akan tau.
i felt terrible for things that happened. terrible ok.
jgn suka suki tuduh aku mcm mcm, kata aku mcm mcm, just because its your friend. kamon la, think about it. mcm aku tak biasa saja dipersedihkan. aku pun sedih ok.
its life, everybody's broken. deal with it.

to YOU, i dont have anything against you, i dont hate you, i dont want to make u feel bad or anything.
well if you wanna write anything about what u feel, just go on. just dont make other people look bad, dont blame them. no no, jgn.
just think bout this, bila kawan kawan awak baca, of cos diorang akan sebelahi awak, and diorang akan hate that person. but, kalau awak memang nak mcm tu, just go on. nobody is stopping you.

try to forgive people. they're just people and being human. sometimes , we have to choose between A and B. and the decision sometimes, will hurt someone. with us knowing it, or not. we're not intentionally doing it to hurt them. we're just being ourself. And sometimes, other people might have to choose, between us or others. the same thing goes to them.
u know this better, i know u do.
just read this, and think about it.

im sorry if i wrote anything wrong here. and to you too guys.

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