Thursday, July 17, 2008

blog for the day

well, its 7:49 am and i still cant sleep.
and i think its time to write something.

i wanna share something with you today, i heard this somewhere, but i couldn't
remember it. -
"a person that you know your whole life, doesnt mean he/she is your friend. you just knew them.and it doesnt have to take years to find a real friend"

do you agree with this?

hmm, i wanna tell you about the people that i knew my whole life.

they're divided into few groups -
my childhood and yet still friend, my school friends, my classmates, my uni friends, and others.

i love every piece of them, yeah i do.
my childhood friends always there for me, we always hangout, stupid jokes, old jokes. we would talk about our dreams, girls. school. the bad things we did together.

my schoolfriends are the majority, mostly guys. i never been into mixed school, except kindergarten and the stupid mrsm (that i rolled for a month lol)

and yeah, my classmates are the best people in my life ! i wont forget the name like jai, shah , faiz , broz, pali, anaih, leman , emon, and others! (i dont forget you guys, just malas nak type hehe)

my uni friends! i learned alot from these groups!

but now i wanna write about the "other" group.hmm u might be wondering who they are.
they are the people who i knew by doing something , joining something, or i knew them from other people.
it sounds insignificantly in this story, but it is.
i spent few years back with them. doing stuffs.
i wasted so much time with them.
they are the most talented arrogant people i ever know. i never regretted what ive done to them. . but im done with them.
like i said earlier before, maybe i know them quite long and good, but the truth is,they're never my friends.
friends will never leave friends. but they did. so they arent one :b

allright, so you might now guessing who are these people, or thinking are you the one that ive been writing about. well, the answer is NO.

well, think about it ! well peace out !

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