Wednesday, December 29, 2004


well, pretty good kickstart for my blog, ada jugak supporter, which i never knew their existance in blogging, ah ha ha , (well i dont post all-life blog here he he) , thanks to you guys. now baru nak blajaq balik html css semua, damn aku dah lupa banyak, bagus la jugak ada blog ni kan.
well, a tired day full of class will end anytime, and a year full of joy and happiness and sad and sorrow, will leave me.
this year i knew a lot of new friends, girls and boys, i even make a friend marissa cooper!, but for some reason, not to say we no longer friend, but, i think she doesnt want it to be. so. what to do. im very-very sad of that, nvm,
there's a lot of thing to be achieve next year, i hope i can live a year longer to do that. fyi, im the one that always use this pricipal of life; " live the live like we only have a year to live" something like that.

okeylah, esok2 pulak post. ho ho.

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.:mysh:. said...

hola. :) you blog? ahhaha. kewlie. here's one fer you : "Dream like you'd live forever, Live like you'd die today" -james dean-

so see you around? h'ok.