Thursday, February 03, 2005

live life .

hello all,
blogging from my good AMD AthlonXP barthon 2600, here we go.

its been a very very hectic and tired week, and I was sleeping while playing futsal last nite? LOL.
many things been going around for the past week, well, i dont like to state em here, but let's just do it. ahahah. i've been working on a website, which now 99% finished. design agak kurang memuaskan, but, what can I do, I hav to meet the client's demand.

On sunday, yes, I played in Gema audition, main pop yeah yeah, haha. then working on 3d, media production, damn.

well, to my groupmets, please take lesson from what happened, jgn blame or tuding jari to other people for our own mistake.anyway nice presentation we hav, idea pun approved.

well, this coming sunday, there's a consert at ZOUK KL,

Time : 3 PM
Entrance : RM 20

Presenting :-

They who kill us all
False Opus
7collar T shirt
Tempered Mental
The Official
Kluk Kluk Adventure
Nerve Wreck
Pop Shuvit
Love me Butch
Republic Of Brickfields
*highlighted bands is my fav.

well, i hope i can go there. yeah. hoping for wall of death .haha.

i might probably away for a week, as MMU having mid-term break for 9 days starting tomorrow, and chinise nu yeah.

me and my mdp groupmet, arab aaacorp and eena are going to shoot for our layout design at Kedah.

aha, somebody shouted at the b0x, and its Kak Elia, my sister in law sister. ., entah mcm mana dia boleh come across here. well nice to hav u kak elia. (ada jugak family member yg blogging, LOL)

okey, got nothing to post, this is our treatment or main idea of our video clip, for the Media Production class, this thing got approved, so i'll post it up here.


this is the band.

All rite guys, thats all. orale karnal

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elia said...

i came across ur blog when i was reading lyani's.she's my junior in high skool.she's ur friend huh?
we hardly talk since we hardly meet too .. so, i think virtual communication is much appropriate .. :p
from wut i heard from abg hazeril,ur currently doing photography thingy rite?