Monday, February 07, 2005

Louder Than Love

Ah~, exhausted, just came back from Zouk,KL, Louder Than Love consert. arrived there around 4, then without cakap banyak terus get inside and Deja Voodoo was playing, damn, i wanna watch them playing. here's the band list according to their turn. ( i dont really remember, but i think this is good)

Deja voodoo
They who kill us all
The Official
False Opus
Tempered Mental
Kluk Kluk Adventure
Pop Shuvit
7collar T shirt
Love me Butch
Nerve Wreck
Republic Of Brickfields

Deja Voodoo was really fukin good, goreng nak mampus, bassist pun dasyat, best la. Lied aku tak sure, They who kill us all really kicks the gig with emo experimental kinda like sound, with the vocalist pointing flash light at the crowd, and the high-to-the-moon bassist. The rest of the bands was great, Tempered Mental, i never saw them perform live, whoa, if you guys are playing bass, mesti nak simpan atau jual terus nya bass tu, because she (marlina?) play funky bass line while singing!!! haha. and Love Me Butch, they were awesome-o. Kicking their jam with Reconcile (get their mp3 at, and i dont remember their next 3 songs. later, Nerve Wreck. oh my, this band fuking good. I cant tell much, i was really banging like hell to their songs.
I'll post pictures from the gig, after they get developed. (guna slr film ja, tadak duit nak beli digital)

got this from my brother.

guys, read this..

Dead Woman, Who Didn't Have Computer, Sued For Music Trading - [RIAA News]

The recording industry sued Gertrude Walton, accusing her of illegally trading music over the Internet as "smittenedkitten."

But the lawsuit was filed more than a month after the 83-year-old woman died in December, and her daughter says Walton hated computers, anyway.

A group of record companies named Walton as the sole defendant in a federal lawsuit, claiming she made more than 700 songs available for free on the Internet.

Walton's daughter, Robin Chianumba, lived with her mother for the last 17 years and said her mother objected to having a computer in the house.

"My mother wouldn't know how to turn on a computer," Chianumba said.

She said she faxed a copy of her mother's death certificate to record company officials several days before the lawsuit was filed, in response to a letter from the company regarding the upcoming legal filing.

"I am pretty sure she is not going to leave Greenwood Memorial Park (where she is buried) to attend the hearing," Chianumba said.

A Recording Industry Association of America spokesman said Thursday that Walton was likely not the smittenedkitten it's searching for.

"Our evidence gathering and our subsequent legal actions all were initiated weeks and even months ago," said RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy. "We will now, of course, obviously dismiss this case."

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elia said...

haha .. funny .. how can a dead women got sued? she must have been doing her job six feet under .. hehe! ;p