Monday, January 16, 2006

January 16.

hi, welcome back.
it is 6:25am in the morning, and havent sleep yet.
truth is, i cant sleep.thinking what had happened in like last 3 months in my life.
it was great, and sucks too. i had fallen with somebody that i dont love. and i'd fall in somebody that i cant. well its been like a week has past, and i've tried to get away from her. it really disturb me off, when someone started to appear in my dreams. in other way that mean im really thinking about it. i dont believe in dreams, crap. and i keep telling myself that i cant do that, i cant do that. keep away. and its hard.
and i really, dont wanna be the guy, that likes a girl, who have somebody, and hoping that she would have problems and finally break off with her love. i dont want to, i hate that guy. what are my chances?
in no time, we all will be off our ways.i dont know by that time how im going to be. time is running out. i dont have much.i am just jealous of him.really.on their day, i'd congratulate him with my biggest honorable, of having the smartest, prettiest , and coolest women i've ever met. i'd trade all have for it.leaving to hometown sooner, gbye!

and by the way, eza. i never meant to hurt just me. i got problems, with my self.forgive me when im gone.
to to to to go go go go hoh oh ho lapar.
sincerely me,

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