Wednesday, January 04, 2006

happy new year 2006 for everyone. damn does this mean that im a year older? hahaha.
ok, im gonna start off this blog with the new year's eve.
on 28 of disember, i went back to aloq stuck, just to join Incarnation - gig at ipoh, on 30th morning we hit the road on bus to ipoh. that show started very late, about 630pm because the "headliners" have some problem on the road. Incarnation were playing as the 4th band. because of we arrived very early, about 130pm that day, so we kinda like did some soundcheck and the result was, fantastic. the sound was really perfect. as they finished playing, we leave the show because we had to take KL bus at 11.

31st disember. we went to midvalley that evening, and then off to Pauls place after that around 6. lotsa people there on that evening.

the bands that suppose to play that night were:
crystal lake, cassandra, force vomit, second combat, uphold, devilica, falling grudge, man under zero effort (MUZE) , net, restraint and crestfallen.

the started around 730 with restraint hit the stage first. follow up by the falling grudge. and after the UPHOLD . this is the first time ever, pauls place crowded with people. that was a really nice show.
after uphold went off the stage, we lepak at kedai mamak nearby. and my friend, broz came to me and bagitau ada tok bond bagitau dia, polis nak buat rush. no wonder i saw patrol car before this. and not long after that, a police van came in rush, their 4WD, and they started asking kids for their IC. not only who went to the gig, but people who was having a drink at mamak stall, walking by also were asked.

without further ado kami beramai2 roket dari mamak itu dan terus blah dari tempat kejadian, not long after that, two "black maria" truck came in rush.
kesian kawan2 yg dalam pauls place and dekat kawan tu. semua kena angkut p balai polis brickfields.rakan2 yg kena ialah seperti Shahrin uphold, arwidth, broz, kimi, kawan2 dia.

ok, now let see...whats the point of the raid.

1. they said that was a "BLACK METAL" gig ???? was there really a black metal band in the list?? and even if there is, whats wrong with playing black metal music, we never minum darah kambing or sembelih kambing, (aku makan kari kepala kambing ada la kat kampung)

2. they said muda mudi minum arak secara berleluasa dan tin arak bertaburan - ehem, sori, ini bukan gig skinhead yg slalu minum arak, and kalau polis nak cari , p lah ZOUK ka, atau Orange ka, Atau Nuovo ka, lagi ramai, siap underage lagi.

3. they said Pauls place takda lesen dan gig takda permit. yes its true. paul are now getting licence from local authorities, and the organizer never knew that place didnt have permit. but...... police can't arrest and brought all the 400 kids to the police station because of this thing.

shit man, pasaipa ada orang tak puaih hati kat talented musician mcm depa ni.

and on 2nd of Disember. at pauls place, there was a Press conference between press and the victim. the victims are = paul (pauls place) , a women activist, an engineer who respresent us, dicky, ein second combat, a member of The Blues Gang, a member from SUHAKAM (suruhanjaya hak asasi manusia malaysia).
the press are - tv3, tv8, tv2 ,NST, the star, satu newspaper cina and beberapa lagi.

the victims explained to media and press what really happened, and who we really are, and what the metro wrote was really stupid and wrong.
that day was like a history in Malaysia's democracy, since we never really have people who really care about our music scene that has been abused and labelled as BLACK METAL .

and now, all the lawyers, suhakam, and few others are working on paperwork, to take court action against police force, metro and others.
if they ever repeat the same thing again, they wont even bother to do that.
just a note here, i think they are DAP (democratic action party) people who trying to help us. ala biasa la, pembangkang nak cari point. tapi look here, where's the government that we all chose?

all the best to semua yg kena tangkap that night, hope you guys have fun. hehe. to suicidal art, dont give up, continue you good job. to abby, dont worry, you are not Black metal leader as what police told us. hahahahha.

orale! mari pergi gig aloqstuck 7/1 !!!

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