Tuesday, November 07, 2006

friends and family

hey all, whutsup?
sudah raya ke brapa ya skarang? tah tak ingat.
hmm well let start on my puasa, puasa is as usual, cuma this year, its a lil different from past years.
on 16th october i took off from KLIA to Melbourne to watch a concert that held at St. Kilda beach, The Palace. and i got back on 21st oct. (i'll write about it more in next entry).
raya is as always, i went to my kampung dekat Pendang Kedah and friends house around Alor Star town. and hanging out with my mom and brothers. my older brother not here he is in Dublin with her wife. they live there.
And on raya ke 8 kot i went with nasran and bah to Sungai petani , 2 good friend's house there.
And now cuti pun dah habis, everyone went back to where they came from, working, studying. My semester, or to be exact trimester (they use this term in MMU) started yesterday, and i havent register any subject yet, i cant because been barred by MMU's finance dept.
shit la, tiap2 sem kena bar. bosan betul.

and im broke now, after balik dari Melbourne where i spent byk sangat beli kat kawan2 adik2 mak. damn skarang nak kena recover balik aduh.

Oh ya, im working now with Top Response Sdn Bhd, as artist coordinator for Astro's Gegak Gemilang concert that will tour major city like Batu Pahat, Ipoh, Klang, Alor star, Seberang Prai , Kuantan.
I responsible for a female top artist.

Im now back in Sri Kembangan, trying to settle everything up, bills, rent , argh, i wish i have 1 million now. then i wouldnt have to think of anything.
I just watched The O.C season 4 episode 1 (adam tolong jgn gelak ok, aku tengok cerita ni sebab aku dah follow since day 1 dan aku bukan lelaki OC atau TTDI/HARTAMAS yang tak reti buat apa2 dan sissy) .

Sangat sedih lah my Mischa Barton has gone forever, tbe. Marissa Cooper . rest in peach darling. wanna know more please watch it ok?
And im listening to Lostprophets - Always All Ways. remind me of this life. you know.
when i think back,i've lost many people i love over the years. family or friends.

Ada kawan pun which i am very close hilang and nowhere to be heard, ada kawan pun yg dah berubah, dah meninggal dan mcm2 lagi. not to mention family. listening to this song remind me yg i am getting older and older everyday. so do everyone. and made me think that life is short and death can come anytime.

i PROMISE to myself that, next year, when i dont have financial problem, i'd travel around Malaysia to see all my friends, rapat atau tak, in all universities and colleges, cousins, aunts, uncles, semua. i'd be very good if i have car (: . i dont care but i will do it next year before everyone change again, or gone forever. that's my new year resolution.

And purposely i think God dont give me a girlfriend maybe HE dont want me to suffer. its better when you have nothing to lose kan? and i'll use this opportunity to do what i just said.
when i look back, i think the only person that doesnt move on with his past life is me. i miss all friends before and i want to see them. even my only ex, denna which i never talk since ......2001 since we broke up.

You know, when you dont have everything, you'll love anything that you have. i dont have rich family, i dont have girlfriends, i dont have big car or anything, but i do have great brothers, mother, father, and friends. i will stick with them until i die. whereever and whatever i do.

to all my friends reading this, know that i love you and if i owe you guys apology, or i do wrong, please forgive me in this good Syawal ok? hutang duit tu akan di bayar lah hehe.

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oh...this touches the heart.