Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hi guys, ssup?
im feeling shit right now, and i have mood to write something and there's a lot of mosquitos in my room eventhough im at 7th floor and ive been trying to kill them using my deodorant spray.
it coming to the end of the year now, and i just wanna recall back the lasy year's "WANT IT NOW" list. let see...

1. A BASS guitar. really nice one - well never had money to buy this
2. record the-fucking-death-metal-greatest-fucking-song, haha, about 3 songs and jam it, yah and dont forget to gather back my band. the band name is ENDLESS , does anyone here have other suggestion? DONE this, but the band name is Mind Machine now, and we've recorded 4 songs and more to be done later.
3. I need money, to continue my study, or im dead. well pretty much the same now
4. new tyres for my scooter ahahahha. err which scooter? i got myself another scooter, a VS125 now. LOL
5. yah, i need a digital camera really bad. still... agh
6. a girlfriend. <--- this one, you might skip. nope, not yet. and this certainly wont be in next year's list because i dont want to have
7. i want to see she grads, and im going to wear suit and give flowers to her on her graduation day, and hoping she can fly after that, maybe Pan AM or MAS. this..did not happen as she didnt inform me, maybe you guys can read it somewhere in my blog
8. still, a driving licences (ada dua tu) GOT THISS!!!!! and i treat my friends 300pcs of satay for my Nazar
9. quit MMU and be a fulltime musician, or go travel. i might catch her somewhere. havent quit yet, and still part time musician, but i did travel, to Melbourne. yeah!
10. go to Dublin, and see U2 live. this...maybe next year
11. help my family out, especially my mother and brothers. still
12. a girlfriend. <-- skip. no
13. a singaporean bank account. no
14. a cooper ! not yet
15. b a good person. not yet

i think i've done good job with the list, considering that most of them has been done. the others...maybe later, or never. im going to come out with next year's list soon, and i think everyone should.

going off this weekend to Tampin for the Astro concert again. cya

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