Tuesday, January 30, 2007


hello, the not so much reader. (thanks for reading anyway)

damn, its been a month since we hit 2007 and again all of us getting older no matter how. not only us, our mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends and everyone too.
somehow they'll get old, and will leave us to somewhere, or God.
My advise is as always; Live your life as you will never have tomorrow (my grammar sucks, i dont care)
2007, will be a hard year for me. i know.
lets start with what happened last year(s).
i screwed up my the eBay business, now i'd have to start again from zero.
i have so many debt i have to pay back. (the australian trip did took all my money)
i met girls that i shouldnt met.
ok thats it.
well what i'd have to now, is to start the biz back. getting the money flows in back!
now that i purely independent from parent, i;d have to find my own money. do you think its easy?
and after that, pay all my debt back. hopefully by mid year i'll settle everything. and get my business on track so i can be rich again.
about girl problem. hmm im not good in this. i guess... i'll just leave this matter and let it be what it wanted to be.
shit i had a CRUSH and i still can get her out of my mind like i used to do. maybe i do really like her so much. nevermind.
as people say, time will heal, and i hope so.

anyway im gonna leave this cyberjaya for intern after this trimester, and i dont really know what gonna happen after that. am i going to come back, or cont. working, or leave and go somewhere?

ive promised myself that i wanted to go and meet all my friends who is still in college. i should do this. i should. i want a car i want a car.

the facts that i dont have gf for a long time, is because of my friends. i spent to much time with them, tooooo much time. i enjoyed my time with them, i always forgot that i dont have a gf. the fact that, i still have a frame of picture, of my classmates in Form 5,on my desk , should tell you everything.

Its not that i dont have any girl friends, i do have. alot. i occasionally go out with them. but i dont know why. maybe im to choosy or i don't want to choose at all.i dont know.

its gonna be a great year. if i finish my GAMMA year in mmu (the major subject), i've consider myself a step away from graduating and get my Degree and show them to my father. hehe.

and my brother and her wife is coming back this June, also aDam in february, and my best friend faiz puat is coming back this summer. ahhhh its gonna be ghreat.

till then, see you guys soon!

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