Wednesday, February 07, 2007

do you blog?

hey there.
hello? hello?
is there anyone out there still read this blog?
should it write?

im not a good life blogger.
by the way, i tend to visit the links of blogs on my page , most of are them my friends' blog, none of them are active now, what happened to them? am i the only one blogging? do you blog? let me know if you're alive

i used to have a good friend, and i used to think SHE can be a good friend, but i don't know now. i guess friends can be so mean.

hey! i been thinking to join the sparc talentime this year. gonna bring The Bubbles song to it! visit my project band, The Bubbles

1 comment:

justport said...

takpa jepun, nnt aku join hg blogging. kita blogging sama2. hg ajar aku sket