Friday, February 09, 2007


ok i have audition for the audiowarfare tomorrow,
not that i have audition, im handling it.
by the way, i dont know what i should write here, and.
it seems to me that i absolutely have nothing interesting i can share with you guys,
even if i do, i wont be sharing it to much with you. no no not my life with you.
the truth is my life is boring. all day i will always think what to do for my band, or for other people, for example, the battle of the bands. i seldom think ways to enjoy myself.
ok done.

btw, i still hope that i never knew her, u know like one day you wake up and u cant remember a thing? its pain. its pain.
but no, life wasnt like that.
we have to breathe the air and walk the earth , look forward and live life.

but still, i never wanted to not knowing her. hmm.
nevermind, life is bigger than me. people wont event notice if im gone, not her certainly.

whats up with her? you wanna know what HER name? hehe nop.

Please stop pretending to be someone or anyone that you're not. just be yourself, you know who you are, and where u came.

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