Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Another boring blog

Hello, thanks for reaching here,
i dont know where to start, hmm.
i dont like to write about my life here, but i feel i want to, so, lets just make it simple.

Hari Raya for me, was ok, i mean, its very nice, eventhough a few things that suppose to be there but they're not. my bro with her wife is around, so it quite a nice feeling to have them.
I supposed to go to Penang on 2nd day of raya, teman the lurvely Erja nak shooting for her final, but i cant due to a few reason, balik kampung and hantar abg ren n kak nad to the lovely alorstar airport, LOL. sory erja.
well back in kl,there still stacks of jobs waiting to be done, omg i dont even touch them yet! haha matilah.
on yesterday, again went out to batu caves with erja n syasya, i never been to a place where a lot of indians there. mata pun pening, sebab panas dan berwarna warni sangat. haha.

well, i did something stupid yesterday, something that probably might change my fate. probably being to sensitive, isnt helping me, yerp, considering what had happened all my life, because of it. oh ya, very stupid.
well, i know y the feeling is really deep and blend with myself. luckily with a closed-eye or tears can end it up.
ah i dont know, "people can change their fate, but not their destiny" . so what is my destiny?

she told me to change about it, yerp, i do agreed. hope she's cool, tak ambil hati etc. please, 4give me. oh God knows how much i like her. for past few years i've seek for the one, well, if this isnt working, with the one that i knew more than many of my friends, so this is it. dah cukup i think. i'll move on, move on to other place, and i really meant it.

well, midterm break is coming in a week+ , and i really really really need it. as usual. taking a break from all this, going for travel, yes i love it. even though travel in my own town. the plan is, im going to ipoh, hehe, then to grik, then back to my place, then nak gi langkawi. maybe after that to penang, if there is somebody want me to be there. entah lah bila nak belajar this fkkkin maya 3d software. grr

i wanna go to Europe! anybody?

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