Saturday, January 08, 2005

sightings ...

okay, i watched the news last nite (i like to watch news or read), more than 30'000 children became orphans after they'd lost their parents , which has died recently because of the tsunami, that was sad, because i know what they feel. some of them don't even know who their parents are, because they are too young to remember this days later, if they can survive.
well, hopefully they'll get the best from our support.

and, the other good news is, we hav a US Marines in Acheh, they'd sent a few heli and choppers to help survivors, and hudreds more will come later on. okey, that mean, United State's marines, which has been in Thailand, Singapore, Philiphines, are now in Indonesia! like they said in Philiphines, they go there, to help Philiphines to fight the terrorism of Abu Sayyaf, but they still there now, even though Abu Sayyaf's guerilla forcve has been paralized.
so, what they'll do in Acheh i guess, go there, build a camp, rape the local, and fuck their government, like they did everywhere. thanks again, to Bush.
With the situation on northen Malaysia with Thai's gov still unstable, i think we'll gonna fuck up later on. i'd a bad dream about it, Thailand attacked Malaysia!! can u imagine?
HAHAHA, this is fun.

i had a drink with a friend this evening, we were talking about she's reading my blog, well, i've predicted that she'll say, THIS FUC*ING BLOG IS FREAKING BORING! but she doesnt say that, hahah , she only said its boring. yah, i know that. and she said to me, her friend, who like to read blogs, said, that she thought my life is very happening, that she would very love to read my blog, but after she read it, oh no, this guy's life is boring. hahaha, why would i tell every single thing here.. ha ha ha LOL. yerp my life is boring, maybe for you, im a geek actually, so, get over it.hahaha. Anyway, THANKS FOR READING AII, keep reading, u'll luv me. how many people out there reading this?

later, i was chatting with shaffiq the gamer. we were talking about armageddon, or the end of the world, of kiamat/akhirat. i get so excited to know there's a geek who do care about those stuff, i mean, this astronomic / ufo / all those kind of sightings. i'll tell you guys later on what i've been reading, and i'll write for shure!.do anyone hav news about Dajjal recently?im reading about him, and doing some research for something that shaffiq told me, about Dajjal organization. the org. hav so many members all over the world, and even in Singapore. (what shaffiq told me) isn't that intresting? for all those "tanda-tanda kiamat" that had happened, Dajjal is one of the big sign of it. what could he be and where could he come out?i'll do some research. keep reading.

tomorrow, probably going to meet somebody , heh, and going to have dinner with my brothers and sister in law. booya!.

baru aku tau chapan ada blog, and got linked to him . thanks chapan and happy 20'th birthday, we are in the same age now sebab bday aku bulan 4.

5:22 AM, Sat JAN 8 2005

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