Thursday, January 06, 2005


helo back, a not well new year for 2005, 150'000 people died! that wiped out a city pop.
well, yeah im back from the new year break, which i took it myself , ignoring the work that i supposed to do. haha. ok , lets start.
the new year is still the same for me, wether there's celebration or not, i dont care. well i spent the new year's nite at adam's crib, as we..lepak lepak dan seperti biasa makan nasi lemak royal..yeah.
then i spent most of the days sleeping, i cant figure out until now, why i felt so tired and sleepy. well, on sat went dinner with my bro and his wife, really wanted to do that since forevr.
ok enough.
i dont hav anything in mind right now, currently working on some $work. okey i'll right again later on.

* is the armageddon countdown clock has started?

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