Wednesday, January 26, 2005

get list

well, all people have their "wishlist", i dont think i can only wish, so i'll try to get these all;

a digital camera - tak kisah lah apa2 pun.
slr camera
what my mom had left.
a driving licence.
well, a girlfriend?
electric guitar w MT-2
fund for a longest trip ever.

this is cool. really. 4:34am, with about 9 hours before report submission, this is fun.

Another boring blog

Hello, thanks for reaching here,
i dont know where to start, hmm.
i dont like to write about my life here, but i feel i want to, so, lets just make it simple.

Hari Raya for me, was ok, i mean, its very nice, eventhough a few things that suppose to be there but they're not. my bro with her wife is around, so it quite a nice feeling to have them.
I supposed to go to Penang on 2nd day of raya, teman the lurvely Erja nak shooting for her final, but i cant due to a few reason, balik kampung and hantar abg ren n kak nad to the lovely alorstar airport, LOL. sory erja.
well back in kl,there still stacks of jobs waiting to be done, omg i dont even touch them yet! haha matilah.
on yesterday, again went out to batu caves with erja n syasya, i never been to a place where a lot of indians there. mata pun pening, sebab panas dan berwarna warni sangat. haha.

well, i did something stupid yesterday, something that probably might change my fate. probably being to sensitive, isnt helping me, yerp, considering what had happened all my life, because of it. oh ya, very stupid.
well, i know y the feeling is really deep and blend with myself. luckily with a closed-eye or tears can end it up.
ah i dont know, "people can change their fate, but not their destiny" . so what is my destiny?

she told me to change about it, yerp, i do agreed. hope she's cool, tak ambil hati etc. please, 4give me. oh God knows how much i like her. for past few years i've seek for the one, well, if this isnt working, with the one that i knew more than many of my friends, so this is it. dah cukup i think. i'll move on, move on to other place, and i really meant it.

well, midterm break is coming in a week+ , and i really really really need it. as usual. taking a break from all this, going for travel, yes i love it. even though travel in my own town. the plan is, im going to ipoh, hehe, then to grik, then back to my place, then nak gi langkawi. maybe after that to penang, if there is somebody want me to be there. entah lah bila nak belajar this fkkkin maya 3d software. grr

i wanna go to Europe! anybody?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hari Raya Sacrifice.

greet, sory for nothing added this week, probably due to very hectic and tiring week im having now... but i will post up goods things later.
so, this friday is Hari Raya Haji, so, wish u all Selamat Hari Raya, and to the pilgrims in Mekkah, hope they'll have victory in what they want to achieve. well, for some reason, i'll go back a lil bit late to aloqstuck.
so again, thanks. im off for a few days, logging out.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

okey, hey guys, sory for nothing posted for this whole week, its been a busy week since i hav submissions consultation all that.
its been a hectic week, also for myself, as somebody forward me url , "stuall (3:39:45 AM): - teori orang barat ttg teknologi pada masa hadapan" . at first, i kinda intrested because i thought it it what the western predict about future.
after i watch it, damn hell its not. it is about . the search engine that i use every single day to search for everything.
okey, let me tell u what the video is all about, (if you're lazy enough to spend 8 minutes to watch it)

this is what they predict!

in 1989, Tim Berners Lee invented the WWW

then in 1994, the establishing of, a place for internet sale, it also built-in with automatic recommended robot, that will recommended items automatically to their user.

later, 2 Stamford programmers created the algorithm for, then google goes public.

in 1999, google bought TiVo, for anyone who doesnt know what is tivo, tivo is a decoder that can record user's cable tv program, skip the commercial, and save it to hard drive, and let the user view anytime when their at home. (why google bought em?)

then, google bought eBlogger, largest blogging site in the world. a place where blogger register and blog their detail life everyday (wonder why?)

then were introduced in 2002, millions of young people rush and get register to it, they also ask their friends to do it, put their actual pictures, write their hobby, birthplace, favourite music, movies, their intrest, friends. what make this site special is, the contents doesnt involve humans, it entirely write, edit, and publish by google's computer.

2003 - the year of blogger. google bought ,their intrest in blogger still remain a question. but yet they are intrested.

later, Reason Magazine, shocked their subscribers by attaching custom sattelite picture of each of their subscriber's home!!! (yes, they are spying US!)

Philips and Sony joined together to mass produce electronic paper.
then, google announced their 1GB mail . (u guys ever wonder why?)

future :
2005, feeling unstable of google news network, MS (microsoft) create Newsbot, a social news portal
then, amazon follows with their A9. in respons to the recent move of google, Microsoft buy
2006, google combine all of their service, google, tivo, blogger, google news to create google Grid. where people can share media of all kinds, where each user may choose their own privacy, which to share and which they wont. ( google now are bringing books to the internet, i read last year, they want to bring TV to the internet, means bring all everything shown on tv can bedownloaded at internet)
2007, microsoft create NewsBotster, at this time, sony e-paper is cheaper than real paper.
2008, the Alliance challenge Microsoft, Amazon and Google create Googlezon, google supply their google grid and amazon supply their biggest internet user's information. creating a very large network.
together, with both of their information, they can specialize each of their customer, with their name, address, email, picture, their friends, everything (like in our IC)
2011, google checkmate Microsoft, using their new algorithm, the google brain now search for news, edit, and combine them, and write its own story for each of their user ( can u imagine?)
2013, Thw New York Times sue googlezon, they say google backstabbing robot violating the copyright law, they bring the case to the court. i think google win.
2013 , IS THE YEAR.... WHERE GOOGLE create EPIC - Evolving Personalize Information Construct.
on Sunday, March 9 2014, EPIC's strong chaotic media scape, has become unevitable. Everyone contribute from they news, writings, blog, music, news, everything, and some get paid

EPIC now know everyone, and it will have everyone's information in details!!
2014 - The New York Times goes offline, now its only for the elite and elderly.


as conclution, we can say that,google bought those blogger, tivo, why? they want to gather our information, our life, our details, our friends.
i've made research about google, then i found this, this site talking something about google.

well, i think for a while what he means by that.
yah, i think he's damn write. ok, now we know, google has brain, that can learn from us, and time to time, those programmers keep adding new logic to the brain. don't u guys think, that with its AI , it can later create its own logic.
ok, what i mean is, read this.

Abu kenal Ali,
Ali kenal Abu,
jadi Abu kawan ALi.


Abu kenal Ali,
Ali kenal Rahman,
Rahman tak suka Abu,
mereka adalah musuh,
jadi Ali juga mungkin bermusuh dengan Rahman.

something like this. and then it will go on and on , that's what i said how google brain may create its own logic.with the help both by their owners, and us.
google will get smarter and smarter, people will love using google, google will learn everything about us, our country, military, security, computers security, more.

ok, talking about computer security and google,
when google want to access restricted site like and can't , so google will now search within hacker's site, hackers chatrooms, hackers discussion boards, security advisory site, and it will learn by itself using those material that is there in the internet, and try to hack it by itself. do u agree with me?

when google gets bigger and bigger, and when it learn that, if we shut its server down, it will die, as we know all living thing would do, we will try to fight back and try to survive. well , if this thing happen, i think google will like..hmm...find a new home within the internet, a new host, a new server, hack it, then transfer its brain to it, maybe not to a single server, but many, and put time bomb, like, if the main brain of google die, the other's will be turn on and fight back, as it will hack our military site, our finance, banking, create computer virus, (ha ha ha ha, like in terminator 3)

no, im not kidding, i've think a lot about this. maybe u guys will say im talking shit here, yes, for now. but think again later.

well, enough for this google thing. i dont know what i've wrote myself. ha ha hah. im sleepy and high, its 6.08AM.

do u guys know what this logo mean? W3C ? it is World Wide Web Consortium.

Monday, January 10, 2005

weekend 10/1

lets start this freaking bored blog on saturday, woke up not so early morning and headed straigh to kl dgn bas yg bodoh, 1jam 45 minit baru sampai. then split up dgn jai dan Ed si gamers cina dan went bb met erja.lepaih tu sehari la kan sampai petang p ronda2 kl shooting gambaq untuk encik ahmad azhar yg baik. with the help of a photography student, blajaq jugak la pasal camera slr ni kan.
later split up dgn erja and folo my bro to his soundcheck for the hidden. lepas tu makan free dgn my bro and his wife.
day after day, woke up then wentstraight to bulatan kampung pandan, at My Friend's Corner. situ tempat Isma Halil, baru bukak. the Impiety tour gig, with other metal bands like Sil Khannaz, The Hidden, War666, Hayagriva, Mistik was held in a zink-walled garage. crowd yg mai pun memang semua mcm askar-askar kejahatan dgn baju hitam dan suit kulit semua cukup, best la. starting dgn war666, then The Hidden with their replacement drummer, Zahid, Azim takleh main disebabkan hal-hal tertentu. then band Hayagriva dgn bunyi keyboardnya yg jahat mcm sound cradle tak bleeding tru. pastu aku tak tengok then later at 8pm, they started back after maghrib break, with Sil Khannaz.
They still great as they were, dgn lagu Gerbang Kayangan ka apa tah tajuk dia, tapi crowd mmang full support la. not bad jugak lagu depa.lepas tu Impiety masuk, dgn muzik death jahat-evil-bunuh-orang , vocal yg jugak bassist main sambil nyanyi memang respect la. ini la satu satu gig yg aku p budak mmu tak lebih 4 orang, aku jumpa pedot, Ami , mukriz.u guys kills.
then aku balik to sentul menulis blog ni leps makn dkt kg.baru.

Anyone read the news recently? local reporters of arabs country ashamed of their government, donated only a few millions to victim of tsunami, that need about 4.1Billion dollar.suprisingly i read, the British people, donated over 700Million, and hundreds more from their government. well, now who's the good and who's not good people? arabian muslims or the not all muslim british people?

And hav u guys watched Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL)? well before this it is the first Malay movie that screened at Venice Internation Film Festival , and yesterday, it was choose to be nominated in Academy Award, Hollywood LA, for the Best Non English movie, this march. PGL also screened at Indian International Film Festival, Palm Spring International Film Festival, Bangkok International Film Festival,and San Francisco International Film Festival. shoudn't we be proud of it? i saw the movie twice at cinema. its better than watching A.Razak whocare movie that overused same-actor-actors, kalau tengok vcd haram ok la.

well, lately, aku teringat balik la zaman first sem alpha dulu, aku memang tak berkawan dgn orang sangat, aku duduk bilik berkawan dgn fasya sandha saja, makan sorang p kelas pun sorang, well when i get to dependend to friends, it kill me back.aku dah sedih, hilang ramai kawan.tapi, now i know who's my friend who not. there's a lot of people including friends that want to take u down, and keep supporting u? ada la 2 3 orang.thanks to u guys. kadang2 kita pun tak realize sangat. tapi aku dah memang sedihlah, dgn rakan2 yg aku ada skarang, maybe aku yg rasa camni atau memang betul la.tak kisah la.tapi aku dah macam malas la, nk jadi bising2 like i used to, just want to keep low with em, and do my own stuff, and do what i trying to de-attached of what i am now.sorry friends.

taken from chapan's blog " haa.. ne way, aku akan promote blog jepun sebab dia dulu tanak blog/kutuk blog dsb. hahah. so ini adalah jepun! ok lah, masa utk berdota!"
celaka hg capan, aku baru sedaq. ya la,blog aku ni bukan stai pun. life aku pun bukan stai nak tulis hebat2. ha ha ha ha.

aha thats it lah kan, panjang la pulak.well tadi baru sembang dgn ami kat gig dan mendapat semangat.and cant wait to meet the photographer again.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

sightings ...

okay, i watched the news last nite (i like to watch news or read), more than 30'000 children became orphans after they'd lost their parents , which has died recently because of the tsunami, that was sad, because i know what they feel. some of them don't even know who their parents are, because they are too young to remember this days later, if they can survive.
well, hopefully they'll get the best from our support.

and, the other good news is, we hav a US Marines in Acheh, they'd sent a few heli and choppers to help survivors, and hudreds more will come later on. okey, that mean, United State's marines, which has been in Thailand, Singapore, Philiphines, are now in Indonesia! like they said in Philiphines, they go there, to help Philiphines to fight the terrorism of Abu Sayyaf, but they still there now, even though Abu Sayyaf's guerilla forcve has been paralized.
so, what they'll do in Acheh i guess, go there, build a camp, rape the local, and fuck their government, like they did everywhere. thanks again, to Bush.
With the situation on northen Malaysia with Thai's gov still unstable, i think we'll gonna fuck up later on. i'd a bad dream about it, Thailand attacked Malaysia!! can u imagine?
HAHAHA, this is fun.

i had a drink with a friend this evening, we were talking about she's reading my blog, well, i've predicted that she'll say, THIS FUC*ING BLOG IS FREAKING BORING! but she doesnt say that, hahah , she only said its boring. yah, i know that. and she said to me, her friend, who like to read blogs, said, that she thought my life is very happening, that she would very love to read my blog, but after she read it, oh no, this guy's life is boring. hahaha, why would i tell every single thing here.. ha ha ha LOL. yerp my life is boring, maybe for you, im a geek actually, so, get over it.hahaha. Anyway, THANKS FOR READING AII, keep reading, u'll luv me. how many people out there reading this?

later, i was chatting with shaffiq the gamer. we were talking about armageddon, or the end of the world, of kiamat/akhirat. i get so excited to know there's a geek who do care about those stuff, i mean, this astronomic / ufo / all those kind of sightings. i'll tell you guys later on what i've been reading, and i'll write for shure!.do anyone hav news about Dajjal recently?im reading about him, and doing some research for something that shaffiq told me, about Dajjal organization. the org. hav so many members all over the world, and even in Singapore. (what shaffiq told me) isn't that intresting? for all those "tanda-tanda kiamat" that had happened, Dajjal is one of the big sign of it. what could he be and where could he come out?i'll do some research. keep reading.

tomorrow, probably going to meet somebody , heh, and going to have dinner with my brothers and sister in law. booya!.

baru aku tau chapan ada blog, and got linked to him . thanks chapan and happy 20'th birthday, we are in the same age now sebab bday aku bulan 4.

5:22 AM, Sat JAN 8 2005

Thursday, January 06, 2005


helo back, a not well new year for 2005, 150'000 people died! that wiped out a city pop.
well, yeah im back from the new year break, which i took it myself , ignoring the work that i supposed to do. haha. ok , lets start.
the new year is still the same for me, wether there's celebration or not, i dont care. well i spent the new year's nite at adam's crib, as we..lepak lepak dan seperti biasa makan nasi lemak royal..yeah.
then i spent most of the days sleeping, i cant figure out until now, why i felt so tired and sleepy. well, on sat went dinner with my bro and his wife, really wanted to do that since forevr.
ok enough.
i dont hav anything in mind right now, currently working on some $work. okey i'll right again later on.

* is the armageddon countdown clock has started?